Our New Online Presence

So here we are, we are leaving 'Our' phase of lockdown with a fully functioning website. I can't but think that lockdown has only been good for us personally and of course we will not let the loss of lives escape our memory. 

We are turning 5 this October, we have had many ups in business but for all the ups there certainly were the downs. Those 'downs' usually came on a Sunday when there was time to myself to think and say to myself "Is it worth it? Should I just give up and get a job where someone else pays me? Would that not just be easier?". All these thoughts are obliterated when I meet my first customer on a Monday (be under no illusion it wasn't always early on a Monday when our first Sale came through) and then I know nothing else will fulfill me. Which leads me to our reasoning for not having a website pre lockdown.

I always said I didn't think a website was a direction we wanted to go down. We adore our interaction with our customers, both new and old. Similar to most independent boutiques, we pride ourselves on our Customer Service and our welcoming atmosphere in our store. As a store we wanted people to experience that or at very least speak to them on the phone and chat them through their purchase. 

And then, Corona smacked us in the face. Now let me tell you, I did not hit the ground running when we shut our doors on the 16th of March. I probably cried for the bones of 2 weeks, then came to some sort of terms with it and got a bit productive. Fast forward about 6 weeks of making myself as busy as possible at home, in the shop etc. and I was ready to take my business online.

So here we are, with a brand spanking new website, that I created all by myself which I am extremely proud of (a lot of my friends won't believe I was capable of doing this because technology is not my friend and they will tell you that!!!).

We are extremely happy for you to just use our website as a catalog to view our full collection and as always are happy to take your call, talk to you about your purchase and process a payment over the phone for you. 


Life is boring when you don't have an Online Order to look forward to x